Medias : Wood, bronze, fibre glass, oil painting. Specialty : Portrait


Benoi Deschênes was born in Saint-Aubert, Québec. He discovered painting while attending college in Quebec. Singled out for his drawing abilities, he was invited to attend the Jean-Julien Bourgault school of sculpture in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, and was apprenticed to the sculptor Marcel Guay. Professor Louis Jasmin introduced him to the visual arts and he then enrolled in the Art School at Cap-Rouge, Quebec, studying under the painter Arthur Côté. This background would lead him to teach high school art for five years. In 1971 he opened his studio in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli.


Benoi Deschênes is passionate about carving and painting both as a way of life and a means of support. Born of a family on the south shore of the Saint-Laurent, he draws inspiration from his childhood and contemporaries, but also from noted historical figures. Serenity, softness and harmony of composition are the hallmarks of his art. The crispness of his lines and attention to detail attest to his preference for realism. His love of sculpture is equaled only by his passion for painting, and one complements the other.


Several of his pieces are on public display or are in private collections. Benoi Deschênes has exhibited his work in Canada, the United States, Germany and England. He judges several international competitions and holds frequent workshops and conferences on woodcarving. He has authored several books: La Gouge Magique Sculpture sur bois, and its English translation The Magic Gouge Wood Sculpture, Sculpture 3D, and is co-author of Gens de bois/Woodenfolk. He has written several articles for the English magazine Woodcarving.


He was a prize-winner in carving in 1978 capturing Best of Show at the Toronto International Exposition. In 1979 he was awarded the prize for best Canadian carving, again in Toronto. He is also a recipient of the Achievement Award in the Art of Woodcarving from New England Woodcarvers Association, and of the Award of Merit from the Sunparlor Woodcarving Festival in Windsor, Ontario.


He started the Benoi Deschênes School in 1975 where students from many countries come to partake of his vast experience in carving, painting, drawing, and modeling. Today, his son David is carrying on the tradition and shares the teaching duties with his father.  






2001, Award of Merit, International Sculpture, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli

1987, Contribution and development in sculpture, Quebec.

1987, Award of Merit, Contribution in sculpture, teaching, writing, Sunparlor Woodcarving Association, Windsor, Ontario.

1979, Best Canadian sculpture, International Exhibition Sculpture, Toronto.

1978, Best of Show, International Wood sculpture Exhibition,Toronto.

1977, Achievement Award in the Art of Woodcarving, New England Woodcarvers Association, Mass. USA.


Professional activities


Member of international jury wood carving exhibitions

Canada: Montreal, Quebec, Scarborough, Toronto, Woodstock and in USA: Davenport Iowa, Woburn Mass.

Seminars: St.Georges, Quebec, Laval, Gatineau, Niagara Falls, St.Boniface, Saskatoon, Springfield, Nortonburland, Grand Falls  Canada, Vancouver, Winnipeg. Davenport, Boston, Woburn, North Dakota, Malden, Tampa in USA.

Exhibitions: Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Windsor, Saskatoon,  Siracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, New York, Burlington, England.

International woodcarvers Rendez-vous in Oberammergau, Germany.

Cinema and television


Benoî Deschênes, sculptor, TV documentary by Frank Fontaine, TV-Capitale, Quebec, l983.

Demonstration in wood sculpture, Educational television, Japan, l977.

Pilgrim Carvers, Documentary 45 minutes made in England, BBC London, l977.

Several talk shows, Television and radio in Canada.



Sculpture 3D Sculpture, Editions Port-Joly, l999.

Articles, texts and photos, for Woodcarving magazine, Sussex, England since l992.

The Workbench, Editions Port-Joly, l983.

The Magic Gouge, Wood Sculpture, Editions Port-Joly, l983

La Gouge Magique, Sculpture sur bois, Editions Port-Joly, l982. More than 10,000 copies were sold.

Gens de Bois-Woodenfolk, co-auteur, Editions Port-Joly, l975.





         Sculptures to be reproduced in bronze.

The Saint-Jean Baptiste’s Monument 1,50m, Lonlac, Ontario.

Mary and child, 1,80m, polimer and fibre glass, New Bedford, Mass.

Pulpit, Town Hall of Saint-Jean Port-Joli, 2000.

Statue of "La Vierge de l'accueil", 1,60m, Saint-Aubert, 1999

Four murals, biblical theme, Episcopal Church, Mass., l998.

Award of Merit "Méritas" Villes de Chapais, l997.

Mural, Marguerite d'Youville, Hospital St.Boniface, Manitoba, l995.

Painting "Reconnaissance" General Gouvernor général of Canada, l995..

Statue 1,80m and painting, The Lord on the ground, Artabaska’s Church, l995.

Statue of Joseph Alamano, Mission of the Consolata, 1995.

Statue Le Bon Pasteur, 1m, Esotho, Africa, l995.

Nativity set, St-Dominique’s Church, Quebec, l994.

Statue of St.John Vianney, Kamloops, British Columbia, l994.

Bon Pasteur, 1,80m, Sister’s House of Bon Pasteur, Ste-Foy.

Sculptures collection for McDonald Restaurant, Ste.Foy, Quebec,

Ronald McDonald on a hamburger McDo, Lévis,

Corpus 1,80m and statues: St-François-Xavier, Cathedral of Precious-Blood in Winnipeg, St-Zacharie, St-Patrice, Notre-Dame Church in Montreal, Riviere-du-Loup etc.


Monuments: Marguerite d'Youville, 1,90m, Montreal, The Parc Commémoratif of Ste-Foy, St.Charles’s Mausoleum, Québec. Coat of arms of Québec City. The Fathers of the Confederation 1867, Post in the Canadian North by gouvernment of Canada.



Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Felix Leclerc, Alphonse Desjardins, Ray Kroc, Guy Lafleur, Sylvie Bernier, Gaetan Boucher, Terry Fox, Nana Mouskouri and more