Benoi Deschênes, sculptor and painter

Bilingual edition (French-English), size 8 '' x 8 '', 240 pages,
214 color and black and white photographs, 15 illustrations.

The author recounts his journey and presents a retrospective of his works in painting and sculpture.
This volume makes you discover the history, childhood memories and the people of today.

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The magic Gouge, wood sculpture

Éditions Port-Joly, ISBN 2-9800141-0-9
Format 8 x 8, 244 pages, 225 photos and 70 illustrations.

"The art of wood sculpture is currently undergoing a renaissance. As society progresses into the computer age, there is more impetus among its members to express their inner feelings by using their hands. Wood sculpture is the marriage of traditional techniques with modern ideas.
The book attempts to aid all who wish to learn the rudiments of working with wood. The author has put forth his techniques in a simple and straight forward manner. Included are basic principles, progressive methods all accompanied by graphic illustrations and detailed photographs.
Sit back in your favorite easy chair while reading this fascinating, but simply written text. You find yourself being transported to the little village of St-Jean-Port-Joli with Benoi Deschnes as your personal guide to the world of wood sculptlure.
This book will delight the experienced woodcarver and be as indispensable as the wood itself for the beginner."       (by Allan Kaye)

Trained in the workshops of famous masters of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Benoi Deschnes has extensive experience in teaching; his sculptures have been exposed in several Canadian and foreign cities.

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3D Sculpture
Éditions Port-Joly, ISBN2-9800141-1-7

The author pursues the same objectives by focusing on mastering the human face.
In addition to the texts and photographs, the box contains parts in three dimensions
so that you see the evolution of a progressive sculpted head.
The tools are clearly identified and he offers twelve drawings to achieve.

100 page volume, 135 pictures and illustrations, 12 designs available.
Tridimentional pieces: the steps to the eye, mouth and a human profile, 4 male and 4 female heads. Two trimmed heads and one basswood block.

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Wooden Folk

Bilingual text by Alain Duhamel, illustrated by Benoi Deschênes
Éditions Port-Joly, Legal Deposit BNQ and BNC, 1975.

Sculpture in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli is much more than the production of statuettes,
much more than an exceptionally high concentration of wood carvers.
We have sea folk and country folk, kinfolk, men folk or women folk.
Why not then wooden folk?
Anyone entering the village can hardly escape the feeling that nowhere in this place
is there a man or woman who is not aware of a yearning to repeat a little bit of creation.

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The pioneers
A tradition in sculpture
Religious art
Folk art, miniature boats
The women
In the sculptor's workshop
From one to many
"Hand made "

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